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HostingRaja is the trusted Cloud Hosting service providers in India for both Linux and Windows operating system. When you buy cloud from us, You get ready to use and fully protected cloud instances, with all the required applications preinstalled (optional). HostingRaja provides a control panel with improved security features inbuilt along with guaranteed website optimization. We have partnered with top cloud solution providers in India such as Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Upcloud. Most of the small and mid size companies in India are reluctant to adopt cloud servers due to high cost associated with it + cloud technical support. HostingRaja comes up with a plan to provide affordable cloud platform by partnering with other players. You can buy cloud from any of the listed players in the top, Otherwise you can choose the plan below to buy it from HostingRaja cloud.

Why to Buy from HostingRaja
Benefits of Buying Cloud from HostingRaja Buying from Digital Ocean or Amazon Lightsail,...
You get ready to use cloud server, It means when the server is delivered to you, You start using the server with out doing any setup work
You need to hire a server administrator or You have to spend a considerable amount of time in setting up the server.
Setup and installation of your cloud instances taken care by team of experts.
You have to rely on the in-house team members to execure the work.
Everyone knows, How crucial the cloud security is nowadays. Our team of security experts fine-tune your servers against most of the common issues. Your server comes with Firewall and multiple other enhance security features.
NO Firewall, No default security.
Setup and installation of Controlpanel, Which is the most important thing for any web developers or Organization to maintain the server.
It does not have any control panel or application to manage your server.
You get fully managed support for your critical issues or problems. Our team experts maintain more than 10,000 servers, So we know how to resolve your issues in best possible way.
You need to hire a team or build a in-house team for support, Which is quite expensive.
Pay in INR with GST & Invoice for 100% tax compliance.
Pay in $ (USA dollars) with some vendors and you are liable to pay additional 10.05% TDS Refer.
Every Cloud Instances comes with following features
Fully Managed Cloud
Fully Managed Cloud
Optimized for Speed
Optimized for Speed
Choose Apache or Ngnix
Choose Apache or Ngnix
Varnish Cache 10x Faster
Varnish Cache 10x Faster
Multiple PHP Support
Multiple PHP Support
Email Spam Filter
Email Spam Filter
Inbuild CSS/JS optimizer
Inbuild CSS/JS optimizer
Control Panel Rs. 12,000
Control Panel Rs. 12,000
Full root/ssh access
Full root/ssh access
Realtime Malware Injection Scan
Realtime Malware Injection Scan
FREE SSL Certificate
FREE SSL Certificate
Realtime PHP Vulnerability Check
Realtime PHP Vulnerability Check

Know the advantages that you get from HostingRaja Cloud Solution:

1. We provide Cloud solution at cheap and affordable price. Thus it will help your business to reduce your operational charges because with us you can pay only for what you actually use.

2. With our cloud solution we provide latest technology of hardware and software like - Multi PHP Version, Inbuild Secure File Upload modules, Apache Tomcat server, Inbuild Admin panel and client panel, etc.

3. By opting for cloud solution you can save time at the time of set-up or install because our cloud-based technology works much faster compared to other technologies.

4. Our cloud solution is fully automated and you no need to have a special team to manage system related task and backups. You can just contact our support team and they will help with your concerned problem. And automated nature is one of the biggest benefits of cloud technology.

5. Using our cloud solution allows you and your co-worker to access important information from any location through mobile or on any device.

Learn More About Cloud Hosting

Will there be any restrictions on my cloud hosting server like Email accounts and the number of websites?

In HostingRaja there will be no any restrictions on the number of email accounts or the website hosted by you. Your cloud hosting server can be completely used by you and can also include the number of websites required by you based on your requirement.

Will you be helping me If in case I need to add additional storage to my servers?

In HostingRaja there are several ways by which we will help you with your cloud packages. Like we will be including an additional hard disk for you if it is possible, or else we will be migrating your cloud hosting server within the Indian data center.

Do you have SSD drive for your server ?

We provide SSD drive for your cloud server with an option of combination of SSD and 15K RPM high speed drive. These SSD and 15K RPM combination provides the maximum speed required for your web applications. We do not use any cheap hard disk for your cloud server (We never SATA drive)

Do you provide control panel ?

Yes, We provide control panel such as Control Panel.

List of cloud solutions available with us (Which you can buy from us using this portal)

Do you install ngnix/Tomcat/apache/mysql/any other server ?

Yes, By default your cloud instance comes with ngnix/Apache/MySQL server. If you need any other service, inform to our technical team, We can setup for you.

In Windows OS, What is the supported version of MSSQL ?

We provide FREE MSSQL express edition, 2008, 2012 and 2016.

What is your ticket response and resolution time ?

We mostly respond to all tickets with-in 1 hour time and we mostly resolve issues within 2 hours. Though, We request you to wait for 4 hours for response.

What is the speed of the CPU & RAM (Memory)?

We use the latest CPU available in the market. At present (Jan,2018), We use E5-2620 V4 Intel dual processor with 16 Core, and 32 threads. Base Frequency - 2.10 GHz and Max Turbo Frequency - 3.00 GHz. DDR4 Memory.

Know more about RAID used to secure your data

All our servers come pre-installed with RAID and can be changed to offer different RAID options. Our servers can support RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 or 10. If you want to have maximum safety for your data, then you can go with RAID 10 and at the same time, if you want to good safety for your data and then more storage, we suggest you to go with RAID 6.

Is there any limitation on the software to be installed?

No, With out cloud server plans, You can install and use any software you want in Linux based plan and in Windows OS, you need to pay for the license if required. You can install and use any software as long as it is legal and NOT used for illegal activity.

Will I have root access?

By default, we provide root access when you buy cloud server. You can check your welcome email for more information about root access.

How can I work on my servers remotely ?

You can perform administration task using SSH access on Linux servers or RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for Windows cloud servers. For any further assistance, please contact our support team.

If hardware fails who is responsible for replacing it ?

We extensively test our hardware and only use the highest quality equipment, all hardware at some point in time will eventually fail. We directly responsible for your hardware replacement and we offer a four-hour guaranteed part replacement on all hardware failures.

Choose cloud server or cloud hosting

As we have explained in the above answer, most of the customers prefer cloud hosting due to high availability. But under certain conditions, customers need cloud hosting. Certain section of business always go with cloud hosting such as bank and insurance and data critical companies. When you want customized server with specific need of RAM and CPUs, then you can go with cloud hosting. Sometime, you might need to add some hardware to assist your application, such as video processing or image processing, then you can go with cloud server.

What kind of hardware do you use?

We use all the latest hardware for cloud servers, Mainly from top brands such as Cisco, SuperMicro and Dell. We provide RAM from 2GB to up to 128 GB RAM of cloud servers. If you want any specific hardwares, Please contact our sales team, We will be glad to help you.

Do you provide cloud solutions or consulting for my project ? Yes, we understand that cloud solutions can be complicated at times and typically customer's do need some hand holding on the way so we provide cloud consulting for FREE. Over the years we have worked on 1000s of cloud based projects and our technical and practical knowledge enables us to offer robust consultancy for your project. All you need to do is send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining about your project and traffic needs and our team will get in touch to discuss and understand you project.

Do you provide website optimization ? Yes, our advanced control panel provides MySql and website optimization. However, this does not include modifying or working on your source code. We will optimize your website on the server level and could guide your project development team on tips to optimize your website.

Can I install my software (XYZ) in your cloud server? Does it support XYZ software ? We work on the philosophy that if it is possibly supported by someone or somewhere else, then it will be supported @ Hosting Raja too. You can install any software in both Linux and Windows operating system.

Can you tell about the hardware configuration of the server ? As you know, cloud is a collection of servers interconnected to provide high availability and enable various complex operations. Most of the compute servers have 512GB RAM, 24 CPU, set of 1 TB SSD drives for primary storage. Just to give an example; in one of the public cloud, we have 560 CPUs, 12288GB of RAM, 600 TB of storage too.

Can you suggest me a suitable plan ? Once you explain about your website to our support team or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we will guide you with the most suitable plan.

What is the processor configuration ? If you refer to FAQ no. 4, you will get glimpse of the configurations we can offer. We have 100s of high configuration connected on different cloud setup. We use the latest available Intel processors suited for your requirements.

What is the bandwidth speed ? Bandwidth speed is based on the plan/packages you choose. Higher plans enjoy better speed on bandwidth.

What is the cloud technology used ? We use multiple cloud technologies such as KVM, Openstack and VMWare.

Where is your data center ? Our servers are located in multiple data centers in India. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore.

Do you provide backup for free ? No, The charges applicable as per the cloud providers (Approx Rs.3/GB).

Do you use SSD or SAS(HDD) ? We use SSD drive for all the primary storage . We use SAS drive for our secondary and backup storage.